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  • Cascade Pendant - Gemstones in ocean colors and freshwater pearls artfully arranged within a circle of sterling silver, all with 22 karat gold accents.
    Cascade PendantPrice: $300.00
  • Turtle Pendant - Sterling Silver and 22 Karat Gold Vermeil Turtle Pendant with Sky Blue Topaz.
    Turtle PendantPrice: $150.00
  • Sand Dollar Pendant - Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Sand Dollar Pendant with Sky Blue Topaz.
    Sand Dollar PendantPrice: $125.00
  • Y-shaped Necklace - Lovely Y-shaped Necklace featuring large cabochon and faceted gemstones including larimar, blue topaz, turquoise, and pearls, in sterling silver with 22 Karat gold accents.
    Y-shaped NecklacePrice: $750.00
  • Crab Pendant - Playful Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Crab Pendant with Peruvian Calcite.
    Crab PendantPrice: $100.00
  • Small Constellation Pendant - Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Pendant with Blue Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Agate and Baby Blue Topaz.
    Small Constellation PendantPrice: $175.00
  • Crab Earrings - Playful crab earrings with blue topaz and freshwater pearls.
    Crab EarringsPrice: $175.00
  • Cascade Dangling Earrings - Lively Dangling Circles containing Blue Topaz and Freshwater Pearls, set in Sterling Silver with 22 Karat Gold accents.
    Cascade Dangling EarringsPrice: $150.00
  • Cascade Earrings - Cascade Earrings with Larimar, Freshwater Pearls and Topaz, set in Sterling Silver and 22 karat Gold Vermeill.
    Cascade EarringsPrice: $275.00
  • Constellations Pendant - Lovely Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Pendant with Baby Blue Topaz, White Freshwater Pearl, Rhodolite Garnet, Blue Agate and Blue Rainbow Moonstone.
    Constellations PendantPrice: $250.00
  • Poseidon's Treasures Earrings - Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeill Earrings with Pink Mussel.
    Poseidon's Treasures EarringsPrice: $175.00
  • Crab Earrings - Playful Crab Earrings in Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil with Peruvian Calcite.
    Crab EarringsPrice: $120.00