Diamonds From Antwerp, Belgium

diamonds.jpgTwice each year, we travel nearly 10,000 miles to hand-select diamonds for our customers in Antwerp, Belgium, the "Diamond Capital of the World."  Antwerp is home to the most talented and experienced diamond cutters.  These skilled craftsmen excel at the art and science of cutting diamonds, turning the rough crystals created by Mother Nature into the sparkling, brilliant gems that are prized for their beauty, collected for their value, and coveted by men and women throughout the world.

Because it is the heart of the world’s diamond industry, 70% of the earth’s diamonds are cut and traded in Antwerp.  Therefore, we have access to the largest selection available anywhere.  We sort through many thousands of diamonds in every size, shape, color, and clarity; eliminating those that don’t sparkle brilliantly.  Then we carefully examine the “cream of the crop” before selecting the most beautiful diamonds to match our customer’s specifications.

By going directly to the source, we are able to get the best price possible, avoiding the mark-ups of the U. S. importers and distributors.  With this elite service, we extend these savings to our customers.  In addition, our partners in Antwerp vigilantly comply with the Kimberley Process, which prevents conflict diamonds from entering the diamond trade.  Therefore, we are able to import conflict-free diamonds into the United States.